Fun Golf Games

Fun-Play Game Instructions

Scramble (all Scrambles are a four-person Scramble): Each player in the group drives off the tee, 
then all four golfers play their second shots from the best-driven ball. All play their third shots 
from the best second ball, and so on. Each player in a foursome must have at least two of their 
drives used by the group. Don't wait until the end!

Texas Scramble or Shamble: Each player hits a tee shot and the best drive of the foursome is 
selected. From this position, each player will play his or her own ball until the hole is finished.

Florida Scramble: The Florida Scramble is a variation on the typical Scramble the twist is that the 
player whose shot is selected doesn't get to play the next shot. So in a Florida Scramble with 
teams of four, all four players tee off, the best shot is selected, then only three players hit 
their second shots. The best of the second shots is selected - and the player who hit it sits out 
the third shots; and so on until the ball is holed. A Florida Scramble can help spread the "best 
shots" around among teammates, but it does mean that one player has to sit out every shot.

Pink Lady: At each hole, three players play a Scramble Game; the fourth player plays Stroke Play 
with a Pink Ball. For each hole two scores are recorded; a scramble score and a stroke play score. 
At each hole the player’s rotate the Pink Ball also rotating the Scramble/Stroke Play.

Fewest Putts: Only strokes taken once the ball is on the putting green are counted. The winner is 
the player using the fewest number of "putts" for the round. No Course Handicaps used.

Blind-Holes Tournament:
Rewards steady play — and those with a little luck. After all players have 
left the first tee, a blind draw determines which nine holes will count toward everyone’s total 
score — the other holes will be crossed out — so the players have no knowledge of which holes will 
count until they complete their rounds.

Animal Golf: You’ll receive a …Gorilla – when you hit the ball out of bounds; Frog – when you hit 
into a water hazard; Camel – when you hit into a sand trap; Snake – when you have a 3-putt on the 
green. The object of the game is to avoid the hazards and not to be holding an animal tag
at the end of the round.

3 Clubs & Your Putter: Just like it says! Pick three clubs and don’t forget your putter cause
that’s all you can use to play the game! Keep all other clubs at home.

Blind Partner Draw: After our golf game, a blind draw determines the score pairings.

Most 3s, 4s and 5s: Prizes are awarded to the players scoring the most 3s, 4s and 5s.

Tee Box Step-Back:

1st Hole:       Everyone Tees off from the Red (Ladies) Tees
2nd Hole: Birdies (or eagles) on 1st Hole - tee from Blue / Par on 1st Hole - tee from White
Bogey or Above on 1st Hole - tee from Red
3rd Hole: Birdies (or eagles) on 2nd Hole - tee from Blue
Par on 2nd Hole - tee from White / Bogey or Above on 2nd Hole - tee from Red

Play all nine the same. Low score wins - gives everyone a chance to win.

Whack & Hack:  This is a variation of an actual golf game called “Whack and Hack” and it goes like 
this: Each foursome (or threesome, or twosome) that tees off together will get a piece of paper 
where they will write down the name of their team (anything they like, for example “Team Pink Hat”) 
and the name of the team members. Everyone will do stroke play and play their own ball, but after 
the round the team will turn in a team score that is composed of the best score and the worst 
score. For example, if I get a 65, you get a 45 and the other two people get 50 and 55 then the 
team score will be 45 + 65 = 110 (best + worst). However there is one exception, if the person with 
the lowest score also managed to get a birdie or better on any hole then the team gets to compute 
their team score by multiplying the lowest score by 2. In my example that means that the team score
will turn in a score of 90 (best + best) instead of 110 if you got a birdie. Then at the clubhouse each
team turns in their sheet with their “team score” and we will announce the winners as being the team
with the lowest team score. We will then divide the money among the members of that team.

3 Putts and You’re OUT!: This game is played just like the “Lowest Putt” with the exception that 
anyone that 3-putts on any hole during the round will drop out of the game. This will encourage 
people to take their putting seriously and try not to 3-putt. The players left standing are the 
ones that maintain less than 3 putts on every hole. From that pool of players, the winner
will be the one with the lowest number of putts.